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writer problems : when someone wants to read what you’ve written and upon rereading you realize you used them as inspiration (and not in a good way)

Filed under life with tam in other news my mother wants to read my book and i not so subtley mock her weekly church thing do i selectively edit when i give the story to her to read? but then i should probably just black out the whole thing because ANXIETY this is why i told her she could never read anything why don't i stick to my instincts?

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wincechesters-asks replied to your post: I was doing research and look what I f…

omg that’s so cool and also yay for a new exciting project!!!!!!!

It’s super cool!!!

And yes, I really needed a new project and the past few days I’ve been flitting all over the place, but I think I’ve settled on something so once I write an Avengers ficlet and do my day’s homework I’m going to start it.

(or maybe give it another day or so to percolate in the back of my head)

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I was doing research and look what I found!!! Hint: The Cherokee have a seed vault of their own (like Svalbard except exclusive to traditional Cherokee crops) and it acts as both a vault and a library and they share seeds with fellow Cherokee to grow as a way of keeping some of their traditions alivescience is so cool

Filed under random life with tam im in the researching stage of a new project and im am super duper stoked right now ill make sure to tag everything tam studies seed vaults for people's blacklisting purposes

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They better [adjust to her] because she’s here and she’s staying.

Defenseman Kyle Johnson, when asked whether the public and other teams will adjust to playing with Shannon Szabados in the SPHL’s Columbus Cottonmouth’s goal.

He’s a former and current teammate of Szabados’. They played together at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and are now teammates on the Cottonmouths. Johnson was instrumental in getting Szabados signed by the Cottonmouths.

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If someone called me pretty, I’d sneer and smear more glitter on my face. I didn’t want to be just pretty — I was wild, crazy and free. I talked about sex, about drinking. When men do that, it’s rock and roll, but when I did it, people assumed I was a train wreck. I played confident but still felt like an outcast.

Kesha Opens Up About Rehab, Eating Disorders And Sexism In A Candid Essay For ‘Elle UK’ | Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on

Kesha is Very Important to me

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Love her.

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