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i love sweet thor carefully stepping around the flowers in frigga’s garden so that he doesn’t crush any

but i also love thor with lightning in his eyes and bloodstained hair gingerly picking flesh off of his armor before he resumes ravaging his enemies


thor accepting flower crowns that giggly little girls make for him

but ripping his enemies in half as he bellows out a war cry

you feelin me

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I like the idea that in the MCU itself there’s still a ‘Hawkeye Initiative’ but it just consists of photos people have taken of Clint on their cellphones when he’s stretching or bending over to pick something up or whatever. 

And then Tony finds out about it and shows it to Clint to embarrass him, but it completely backfires, Clint starts getting Nat to take photos of him in increasingly absurd butt-shot positions while he shoots at things, and uploads them online.  

Then he starts doing it on missions whenever he catches sight of someone with their cellphone out.  A significant portion of his training becomes dedicated to maintaining his aim while striking all sorts of improbable positions.  

Tony regrets everything.  

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