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me reading fanfic:
this better be NC17 and be drowning in hearteyes and vomiting romance rainbows, or it can gtfo.
me watching tv/movies:
if this develops a romance plot I'm outta here.

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dear paulmartinamericanhero, imagine sid as gracie hart who isn’t super attractive and looks a hot mess most of the time and dedicates his life 100% to the bureau with no social life and geno as eric matthews who’s sid’s partner and likes to fondly tease sid about going out more and meeting new people etc. and then they get an assignment concerning the men’s beauty pageant and sid is the one who has to go undercover and sid is NOT having it and geno’s like YOU’RE NOT THAT UGLY or something all teasingly of course and then sid’s like YOU WANT TO GO and then this scene

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Filed under sports pittsburgh penguins i keep seeing all these awesome posts and headcanons for this once i finish my omega!sid story and my rule 63!jamie story if no one's written this and i haven't run away from this fandom then i might give it a go miss congeniality au

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Miss Congeniality AU (one ll two) — Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin are FBI agents, and they are investigating a bombing that’ll occur at the Mr. America pageant. Geno half jokingly proposes Sidney be the agent who goes undercover, which is an outrageous idea because though Sidney is one of the best agents in the field, he’s completely unpolished: he has long greasy hair, wears crocs to the office, owns nothing but stained and unfitted clothes, is missing teeth from an assignment gone awry last year, and refuses to shave his unprofessional facial hair.

The Bureau calls in the legendary Mario Lemieux to help polish Sidney up for the pageant. Sidney’s transformation shocks everyone, especially Evgeni, who may or may not be developing feelings for his long-time partner. Can Sidney save the day, win a crown, and score a boyfriend after this assignment?

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clotpoleofthelord replied to your post “there are few better feelings than getting someone into a new fandom”

come to stargate with me kristinnnnnnnnnnn

I’m tempted!!! I was going to borrow the first season from  you this weekend but obviously that didn’t work out

Filed under clotpoleofthelord replies though i recently saw a post that was like need more dean winchester in your life and then it was a picture of one of the stargate guys and im not sure i can handle more dean winchester in my life