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Follower Fic: Patchwork Project

For: batmans-underpants
For this week’s prompt thing

“Do you ever think about them?” Cas asks as he holds up two suit jackets. One is tweed. The other has anchors for buttons. Dean’s going to veto them both if Cas tries to buy them.

“Think about who?” The question came out of nowhere. They’re in a Salvation Army looking for some new clothes. They weren’t even talking about people. Dean had said that Sam was taking too long in the flannel section, Cas held up a jacket, Dean made a face, they moved onto lunch possibilities – now suddenly “them”.

“The people who owned these clothes before us.” Cas puts both jackets into the cart and keeps moving. He stops when he finds a dark chocolate corduroy jacket. That goes in the cart too. Of course it does.


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