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Birthday Fic: The Life of a Hunter

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!!!!!!! Have some happy, silly fic : )

The bunker is home base and it doesn’t take long for the rooms to fill. Cas moves in, then Garth. Kevin is persuaded to join them, lured in by the promise of his own room and a giant library.

Charlie pops by for a visit and never leaves. Krissy, Josephine, and Aiden show up on the doorstep dirty, exhausted, and unwilling to talk. Krissy is adamant that they’re only staying until they’re recovered, but it’s two months into their stay and they’ve moved into separate rooms.

Dean refuses to be a motel. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s parent, but they’re not strangers. He goes out to Staples one day and in a few hours he has two boards set up and in the kitchen.

One is a check-in board. Everyone has a magnet with their name on it, and they’re either in the bunker, on a hunt, or on personal business. If you go on a hunt you have to leave information; what it is, where it is, how long you expect to be gone, and a number to reach you at.

The second board is no less important. It’s the chore board, and if you sleep in the bunker then you’re expected to contribute to the next day’s chores. And no, setting up a tent in the backyard does not excuse you from doing chores. Aiden found that one out the hard way.


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